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Dynamics Technology Systems

Dynamics Technology Systems (DTS) an innovative company in Pakistan with a clear purpose of serving people using the latest and cutting edge technologies. DTS is privately owned by having more than 25 years experience in IT industry. We are fully committed to provide innovative solution to the customers.
The client’s satisfaction is our utmost priority. We offer our customers highly professional IT services covering the areas of Web design & development, Software development, Surveillance solution, POS, Attendance and Building management system (BMS).
We have the best talents in, to offer the best solutions to the client. The DTS team of engineers and professionals seeks new and challenging assignments with the belief that quality and punctuality is the essence of any project.


To create, deliver and support adoptable business software and services that help organizations to manage their dynamic business needs effectively.
To provide cost effective, consistent, reliable and flexible solutions and services.
To provide high end quality services to our customers through our services excellence & knowledge.


To be recognized and valued as one of the leading solution provider of IT services.
To deliver IT enabled services and add all our efforts to help our clients to achieve their strategic organizational objectives.
To distribute customized services meeting standards through high quality contemporary technologies.

About US

We have lived by our commitment to be a solutions provider, a world-class one at that, enabling businesses to apply technology to create business transformation.

Commitment + Collaboration + Creativity = Customer Satisfaction

Since 2013 DTS is in the business of Consulting and Information Technology Services focusing on providing quality software that will satisfy the business needs of the customer. We leverage our experience in platform depended products and customize them to suit our client needs. We ensure timely delivery on a schedule determined by a consensus between the customer and DTS. We have tailor built both client-server and web based solutions for our clients. We can maintain and extend business logic housed as Database procedures. We actively follow the extreme programming methodology.

Our Services

We deliver dynamic IT services and solutions for business requirements. We are equipped with highly qualified and experienced professionals with all the required skills sets and ability to handle any project.
We offer a wide range of IT solutions and services including web design & development, software development, surveillance services (CCTV), Paper Digitization, IT infrastructure design, and building management system (BMS).

Websites are the visible face of your business. The way your customers view and think about your business. It is a platform from which you can project your brand and your vision on an international scale. At DTS, we offer a comprehensive and professional web design service to customers of all sizes, including small businesses, corporate organizations and individuals. Whether you need a one page brochure site or a complex database driven web application, we can cater for you.

We believe in developing customized solutions specific to each organizations needs and it begins with requirement analysis. Based on the complexity and project size. At DTS, we design software step by step along its processing. This helps us overcome all obstacles, errors and malfunctioning at their stage level.

Organizations of all sizes use time and attendance systems to record when employees start and stop work, and the department where the work is performed. However, it’s also common to track breaks.


DTS providing comprehensive solutions for Time and Attendance system. We are dealing in most reputed manufacturers of Biometric Time and Attendance equipment’s in Pakistan.

In this era when your cell phones are smart, you work on smart PCs, your drive a smart car then why not your home or office should be smart???

The best way to make it possible is to use a BMS (Building Management System).

Our team of professional Mobile apps and software developers thrive to develop the best mobile apps with special emphasis on usability for all leading Mobile operating platforms. We start from the blank page and develop the complete software that will fulfill the requirement you are looking for.
Our mobile platform expertise includes:

  • iPhone Application Development
  • Android Application Development

Our Clients